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Imagine a world that only exists when you see it.
Whenever you look around you see something completely new coming to life . This is the world of Sector A23.
A beautifully generated cave system, filled with alien plants and mysterious creatures, giving room for endless exploration.
Anything you see has never existed before and will stop existing as soon as you dare to look away.

Sector A23 is an experimental game we created as a 2nd year study project.
Currently this a demo version, but we work on it and will release a more extensive version in 2017!

Jonas Delleske, Balint Mark, Joao Oliveira, Marek Skudelny, Lena Werthmann.

The awesome sounds were created by our friends at Dürbeck & Dohmen.

Thank you for playing!


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This game f*$ked my brain and I liked it.

But now I know there is an ending and this is just straight torture. A hint maybe?

How do you get to the end? ive been wandering around for about half an hour but have only seen blue landscapes. Help for finding gray, red, the end?

The game had update, but I don´t see any changelog to see what´s new.

Hello, I have an issue - when the game starts the camera will immediately look straight up and start spinning anti-clockwise for some reason. I tried a bunch of things like unplugging controllers and stuff but to no avail. Not sure what's going on.


hey i rebuild the game for windows, hopefully the problem is fixed now.


I hope this comes back to life eventually... I really enjoyed  it!

Very impressive and strange!

The eyes are so Thief (or was it Thief 2?)

Gotta love those dinos!

Not sure what I think about the ending. I do wonder if there's another...


Thank you for your review! And for the video, this is amazing!
(You're actually one of the few people who found the end that fast!)

Currently we're still working on everything. The end was a last-minute decision, and we will definitely change it drastically!
But multiple endings are actually a great idea. We planned to put in actual ways to die, but we can very well imagine other endings as well.

Thank you so much for the input!

All the best!